Tool #9: Logic 8 in Mac OSX Lion Compatibility

Just a quick post about getting Logic 8 to run in Mac OSX Lion.

After the upgrade to OSX Lion, Logic Pro 8 won’t run.  To the best of my knowledge, this isn’t because it is inherently incompatible with OSX Lion, but rather because Apple doesn’t want you to use it in Lion for some stupid reason or another.  There is a solution, which can be found here:

Thanks to the members on this forum, we now know you can type the following into terminal to open up Logic Pro 8 or Logic Express 8:

For Logic Pro 8:

/Applications/Logic\\ Pro

For Logic Express 8:

/Applications/Logic\\ Express

For a handy, tiny application that opens up Logic Pro at the click of a button (so no need to copy/type things into terminal or find the app manually), around the 2/3rds mark from the top there is a file called “”.  Simply download, unzip, and run this handy application (dragging it to your dock makes things more convenient, too), and Logic will open.

As a fellow user of Logic 8, I hope this helps!  ALL CREDITS go to the authors of the post on the thread, or the people they give credit to. NONE of these terminal entries or the app are my work; I’m just the “messenger”.


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