The Sky Is Crying

The Sky Is Crying indeed for many of us today (both in the U.S. and internationally). As we play the blues for those who have passed or otherwise suffer due to torrential rain, I offer a slice of solace through a cover of Elmore James's tune by one of my idols, Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan.

John Wiggins – String II

"STRING II was made with “real” sounds - sounds that I recorded both in my studio and in the field. I used only the oddest bits of these recordings to go ahead and represent something else. Something that EVERYONE hears differently - its interpretation is up for grabs. I feel that’s important."

Does it have to matter? Finding meaning in art

In this blog, I have repeatedly asked the questions "what does this mean?", "what is the point?", and "what can we learn from this?"  In truth, sometimes nothing means anything, there is no point, and we can't learn from anything.  While these are philosophical points that have their own arguments, I would like to discuss …

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