“The Sound of Something Else” – Jakals

“The Sound of Something Else” by Jakals is a fluid, mixing ground of chromatic mediant relationships, time signatures, and beat patterns, resulting in a psychedelic, dazing feel.  My favorite parts of this music are not just the grunge-era chord juxtapositions, but the ability to weave them through many sections in the piece.  The middle portion of the song (building up to the roughly 3:55 mark in particular) manipulates chord structures within the context of something different than the earlier sections just as adeptly as thosepreceding–and subsequent–sections.  In simpler terms: many bands seem to be able to weave chords in certain sections in their work, but it takes good musicians to keep up the chordal skill throughout a song.  I think you will enjoy listening to this track–it really is the sound of something else.

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