Trey Pollard – “8 Pairs: Fugue VI. Very Slowly”

Trey Pollard’s composition – “8 Pairs: Fugue VI. Very Slowly” is a beautiful, melodic piece that reminds me a bit of Cage’s Quodlibet from String Quartet in Four Parts, but with a more reinforced bass end and a greater sense of lyricism.  Beginning in a longing fashion, and ending without finishing, the work sings while being quiet, makes musical statements while being understated, and shows us that beautiful harmony does not have to be extremely loud or extremely quiet.  I try to stick to just music in my reviews, but I must say the video accompanies it well.  Regardless, the composition is well-structured, the tempo slow but not weighed down, and the music airy without being effervescent.  The resulting sonorities are things I think you will enjoy listening to.

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