About Composer’s Toolbox

Thank you to all who have contributed to the continued success of Composer’s Toolbox. For all those who have read, reacted to, and financially supported these articles, you have my deepest appreciation (and applause!)

Composer’s Toolbox is a blog enriching the composers of today’s music. It explores the depth of music composition: technically, artistically, and professionally. Many of its features showcase new music of composers who are artistically at the top of the field, but may not be as visible. It also contains a confluence of ideas about the craft of composition, and how composed music fits into today’s society.

Financial support allows for increased web hosting support, and especially the ability to pay guest writers. The ability to pay guests for their work will help Composer’s Toolbox attract an even more diverse array of voices and ideas, in an increasingly professional and powerful manner.

There is so much to learn, converse, and explore. Join us!

Dan Lis, composer, and creator of Composer’s Toolbox

13 thoughts on “About Composer’s Toolbox

  1. musicmaker1

    Thanks for following my Blog. Looking forward to reading yours. Full of useful information as a musician and composer. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for following my blog too! I’m eager to see what lies ahead for you musically; best of luck and please continue to keep the blogosphere posted on whatever’s happening!!

  2. angstycrayon

    Cool blog. I’d love to be able to compose music. I’ve tried (and failed). I just suck at the whole process. But I wish you luck with your endeavours.

  3. Hey Dan! If you don’t mind me making request, I was wondering, do you have any advice on taking commissions as a composer? Perhaps it would be another helpful addition to the Tools for Composers series.



    1. John Lee Roberts

      When you say “taking commissions “ are you referring to finding opportunities or writing after being awarded?

      1. Hi John, I believe this means the process once one has agreed to write for an ensemble/soloist/project; the next steps can be (as you know) tricky to navigate (egs. Funding, timetables, expectations, legal matters, etc.). Best, Dan

    1. Hi Richard,
      Thank you for your comment. I have decided to bring this blog back. I hope to continue and expand upon what I started, and I would love to have guest bloggers. Do you have an idea for a topic, or do you know anyone who is itching to write?

  4. Despite the hurdles of Composing Original Works, I have mostly found it near impossible to get Bands, Orchestras, Choirs + more groups & even solo performers other than myself capable & willing to tackle them.


    The check Box – Notify me of new comments via email, isn’t working!

    1. It is indeed very hard to get performances. The best advice I can give is to make as many friends as possible (especially in organizations and universities), and never stop sending your music out. And, start small.

      I’m so sorry to hear of the checkbox not working! I have no idea how often the WordPress staff do bug fixes, unfortunately, and this site is completely powered by WordPress.

  5. John Lee Roberts

    I find writing for individuals and groups that play instruments helps me get things performed. As a pianist obviously I can get good exposure performing my work programmed with perhaps a better known composer at festivals or recitals. So much good material to play. As a former student at the Chopin Academy in Warsaw I was fortunate to be around that wonderful Polish group. Gotecki Lutoswaski Penderecki.
    Keep writing!
    Be brave and try all types of writing. Collaboration.

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