Composing for the Organ

“Now that you’ve completed your comp degree, some advice: really, write for whatever you want. Except, well, for the organ. Don’t write for that… it’s impossible to figure it out.” A friend once told me his comp professor (at a mid-west school that will remain unnamed…) rather unceremoniously offered this as advice. Being an organist, …

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Matthew Kennedy – “Until I Say ‘When'”

Matthew Kennedy's "Until I Say 'When'" is a breathtaking exposure of space, timbre, and mood, that is both playful and hypnotic.

Super Economy of Means in Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Crucify” (Part 2)

Formal Economy It is apparent from my previous post that Yngwie Malmsteen's sound world is one of repetition and sparse, but effective, gestures and sonorities.  Here I will expand on this to note the formal economy in his "Crucify". The opening riff is played 2 times with drum and bass introduction, and then looped 4 …

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