Video – “No”

This video explores the word “No” in the context of our society—what is forbidden, what our rules are, what society expects of us, what our economic culture dictates we do as Americans, and how we can use “No” for our mutual benefit, while debunking and disclaiming the detrimental ways we are told “No”.

Video and Analysis – “Lifegiver”

This is a post about the final project I made in a course focusing on the sound design program Metasynth.   The video I made with the sounds, images, and videos I have compiled over the past years is here: To access the source audio files, please see below. Lis11-MicrowaveBeep.wav Lis16-LipSmack1.wav Lis17-LipSmack2.wav Lis22-HardWaterFlowAndCreak.wav Lis24-WaterDraining.wav Lis25-Fan.wav Lis28-MidZipper.wav …

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