Submit News and Music

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Are you a musician looking for a forum to share your latest news, and get your music reviewed?  If so, Composer’s Toolbox would like to see what you have to share!

To submit news and/or music for review, please do the following:

For music: find us on SubmitHub!

Send us your music on SubmitHub

For news:

  1. Send an email to
    1. Put the subject as NEWS
  2. Include the details of your news in a complete and coherent format, in English.  Include links, images, and video, as needed.  Cite any sources to which you do not own the copyright/intellectual property.  There is no minimum or maximum length, but if we cannot create a post with the content listed, we may be unable to promote your news.

I will respond to all emails with one weeks (7 days).

Let’s see what you have!