Metric Modulation Calculator

Hi All, I have created a metric modulation calculator!  This allows you to calculate tempos of metric modulations, including modulations using dotted notes and tuplets.  Click here to download my metric modulation calculator for free (Excel or compatible program required). The calculator relates to this former post, where I explain metric modulation. UPDATE: This is …

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Sixth and Twelfth Notes (Tool #41)

If you've studied contemporary music you probably have come across definitions of time that aren't based on 4 (eg. not breves, whole notes, half notes, quarters, eighths, etc.).  Some composers use other definitions of time that aren't tuplets but aren't regular notes (including tied or dotted notes). Two beat durations with which I'm currently experimenting …

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Tool #13: Metric (Tempo) Modulation

Update: click to get to this post for a metric modulation calculator! Second update: check here for the new, easier-to-use calculator! Alright, let's tackle a rather hands-on technical tool.  Metric modulation (or more accurately, tempo modulation) is the shifting of the beat from one rhythmic value to another.  For example, simple metric modulations might change …

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