New Video – “does water kill”

This work is an exploration of a Zoroastrian text from The Zend Avesta, Part I, translated by James Darmesteter in1880.

Chad Powers – A Blade Within

Chad Powers's work "A Blade Within" has simple program notes: "A Blade Within is constructed with raw, as well as manipulated sound sources. Before the work was composed electronically I notated it on paper. In a meta fashion, I used the recorded pencil and paper sound files to act as a catalyst to drive the …

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Steven Maheu’s Elements of Creative Force – Part 5

Hi All, Here is another image from Steven Maheu's Elements of Creative Force.  This explains how different elements can be contrasting or complementary to one another. We use the relationships between each number and another number to define if the two numbers are contrasting, or complementary.  This only applies when using the same color.  (We …

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Aya SB – Coalescence

Aya Shimano-Bardai's notes in the abstract for the piece "Coalescence": "Coalescence (2016) is a seven minutes and thirty seconds long acousmatic stereo piece. The compositional structure delves into the transitions between contrasted sonic spaces – open and clustered, distant and close, sharp and mild, etc – by underlining its varied acoustic elements. Mainly based on …

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Antonio D’Amato – Körper

Antonio D'Amato's fixed audio media piece "Körper" is a fascinating experience in timbre and sonic palette.  From his abstract: "Technically speaking the composition uses exclusively a short audio recording of a MRI test. A large number of processes and signal elaboration modules are applied in order to subdue the crude audio sample to the compositional …

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Album Review: Vanden Plas – Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld II

Vanden Plas's album Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld II has been playing in my head for almost exactly one year, and I finally have decided to expose it to my readers who may not know it, even though it is over one year old. (Can you tell I have been itching to write about metal, …

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Is “Conceptual Art” Music?

There's a large chance that most of you reading this blog know something about conceptual art.  For example, "perform a disciplined action" or "draw a straight line and follow it" focus on concept--an abstract idea or formulation of the mind.  Some of these concepts are quite interesting, and many are provocative or even controversial. I …

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