Des Reid – “Prelude”

Des Reid's work "Prelude" is a kaleidoscopic, picturesque view of a starry night portrayed through a classic-rock-like chord progression, a deep indebtedness to jazz, and a developed sense of musical spaciousness.

Metallica vs. Thank You Scientist: two 2016 releases

(Written on 11/18/16, for next-day publication.) Metallica released their newest album, Hardwired... To Self-Destruct today.  I listened to it while doing solitary work at the office.  I also resumed my listening to my partially started indulgence in another band's recent release: Thank You Scientist's 2016  release Stranger Heads Prevail.  It is my goal to review …

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Tool #22: Writing a Strong Melody

Firstly, why should one write melodies?  Even if one doesn't use melody in the "conventional" sense in one's pieces, the ability to write melodies is a good asset to have because: A sense of line helps the listener understand a piece and make connections or distinctions between musical events. Melodies are often the result of …

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